Unknown Projectile Launched At Moving Car

by Anna Rose MacArthur on March 7, 2016

The contact point. (Photo courtesy of Mary Twito.)

The contact point. (Photo courtesy of Mary Twito.)

The launching of an unknown projectile has sent a scare through Bethel residents after the object hit a car driving through one of Bethel’s heaviest trafficked areas.

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Saturday afternoon, Mary Twito was killing time before her son’s basketball game. The sun was shining, the sky blue. And she decided to go for a drive. She’s loop around the airport and then head back for the school. She flicked on the radio, rock music rolling, and then passing City Hall on Chief Eddie Hoffman Hwy, a loud crash boomed through the car.

“And I screamed and I looked back and my window was all shattered,” Mary said.

She slammed the gas and drove straight to the Police Station.

“After I filled out the report, my husband came and saw me, and he saw it was a bullet hole,” she said.

KYUK: “How are you sure that it’s a bullet hole?”

“Because I’ve saw how windows get broke when they get shot; and I’ve done it when I was a little kid; and I’ve worked on cars. So it’s not the first time I’ve saw it,” said Dan Twito, Mary’s husband.

The entire middle section of the passenger window behind the driver’s seat is gone. Where the glass remains along the edges, a small hole pierces the top left corner. Shattered lines spray outwards from that point.

Dan says with the car going at about 25 mph on the opposite side of the road from where the object came, a rock wasn’t going to cause that kind of damage.

KYUK: “How do you know that?”

“Because the little hole was small, less than a quarter inch around, so it was like a BB or a 22 that hit it,” said Dan.

The busted back passenger window. The object made contact in the upper left corner.  (Photo courtesy of Mary Twito.)

The busted back passenger window. The object made contact in the upper left corner, piercing a small hole. (Photo courtesy of Mary Twito.)

Mary says the police swept the car, but couldn’t find the object. She says she and Dan also examined and vacuumed the inside, but couldn’t find anything that might have caused the accident. Dan says whatever hit the glass could have bounced off.

“A BB, it’s only .177 inches in diameter, so it’s real small,” Dan said.

KYUK: “Can a BB take out a car window like that?”

“If it was one of the high powered air rifles they could, because you can use them for hunting,” he said.

Mary is still visibly shaken and says she’s been avoiding the area where the accident occurred. Since the projectile hit the left passenger window, she says if she had been driving any slower, it could have hit her. She’s just glad, she says, none of her kids were in the car.

“I’ve been kind of scared. It’s kind of shocking that somebody would be shooting like that,” Mary said.

She says the police told her they would survey the area and interview any witnesses.

The police have not responded to KYUK’s requests for comment.


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