Two Local Guides Charged With Attempting To Cover Up A Hunting Violation

by Charles Enoch on December 8, 2015

Renfro's Alaskan Adventure building in Bethel. Photo by Charles Enoch/KYUK

Renfro’s Alaskan Adventure building in Bethel. Photo by Charles Enoch/KYUK

Two guides from Renfro’s Alaskan Adventures, based in Bethel, were charged with two wildlife violations in connection with the killing of a bear on an outdoor hunting show, according to the Alaska Dispatch News.

Michael “Wade” Renfro and Jason Andrew Miller, both 45, were charged by Alaska State Wildlife Troopers for failing to report a hunting violation and committing, aiding or allowing a hunting violation. Renfro, a master-guide for the company, was also charged with second degree unsworn falsification. All charges are classified as misdemeanors.

The charges stem from a filmed hunt for the Outdoor Channel hunting show “Limitless With Theresa Vail.” The host, 25-year-old Theresa Vail has been charged with illegally shooting a grizzly bear in Alaska and second degree unsworn falsification.

Alaska State Troopers say the guides attempted to cover up the illegal bear kill by getting a second bear tag after the kill and submitting false information.

Troopers say the incident was reported by the film crew on June 3. The hunt took place from May 18-27 near Timber creek, South of Holy Cross, near the Yukon River.

According to ADN, Trooper Spokesperson Beth Ipsen wrote in an email Monday that Miller was Vail’s guide when she shot and killed two brown bears.” Troopers say Vail shot a male brown bear and while in a hurry finish the animal off, shot a nearby female brown bear instead.

According to the Associated Press Renfro’s attorney said the shooting of the second bear was an unfortunate event and says everyone in the case has cooperated with authorities.

Renfro’s was contacted by KYUK but they were not available for comment by the airing of this story.

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