Racing Beringia enter the K-300

by Sophie Evan on January 17, 2013

Racing Beringia Team- Mikhail, Millie and Joar

The K300 has two international entries this year. Racing Beringia is an adventure learning program designed to explore the ancient Arctic Beringia by dog team. Two of their mushers will be racing the 300. 49-year old Mikhail Telpin from Russia’s Chukotka region, and 25-year old Joar Leifseth Ulsom from Norway.

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Beringia is defined as the land and maritime area bounded by the Lena River in Russia on the west; and by the Mackenzie River in Canada on the east, on the 72nd latitude North on the Chukchi Sea, and South to the tip of the Kamchatka Peninsula. Racing Beringia is a virtual adventure based learning program, set out to explore the ancient arctic beringia by dog team. Their spokesperson is DeMillie Porsild-Ruskie of Willow,

Cut 1 “anybody can follow along the race and learn about the region, basically exploring Beringia, by taking part in the races, following the teams, and that they can do by going on line to racing beringia” :14

Millie says their virtual classroom is in multiple countries and thousands of classrooms.
Cut 2 “it’s all about using the real world and experience in the real world, and tie it into the curriculum.” ::07

The Racing Beringia team has participated in long distance races in Russia, and Alaska. They are coming to the K-300 based on the positive reputation Bethel people have in supporting a well organized race.
Mikhail Telpin is a native Chukotkan, from Russia, he is married with three children, runs Chukotkan dogs, and is the three time champion of the Nedezhda Hope Race. Mikhal Telpin.

Cut 1 “I began to mush dogs from childhood, because my father had dogs.” “We use our dogs to go hunting on the edge of the ice, sea fishing, and to the lake.”

Mikhail says his lead dog, Dick, is seven years old, but that his favorite is a female named Ika. Mikhail has modest goals for the 300. . .to finish.

His teammate is Joar Leifseth Ulsom of Norway.

Cut 1 “ I had a few dogs when I was younger that I used for ski-joring, and then I got two more dogs and a sled, and then in 2007 I worked one year as a handler for Keitel Handom, after that I bought young dogs and I’m starting to build up my own kennel.”

Again, Millie….

Last cut “both my guys are humble in how they expect to do in the race, I’ts very much training race for both of them, they have different goals and purposes they’re trying to figure out, and getting results from running the race, and of course we’re excited to run the race and everything associated with the race and all the celebration around it.” “22

For more information on Racing Beringia, you can visit links on our website,

KYUK wishes our international guests the best of luck. Sophie Evan KYUK news.

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