Kuskokwim Art Guild To Hold The Annual Steel Salmon Auction

by Charles Enoch on September 17, 2014

Beautifully decorated salmon. Photo courtesy of Kuskokwim Art Guild.

Steel salmon decorated with glass. Photo courtesy of Kuskokwim Art Guild

This summer’s salmon runs are long gone, but the season for steel and wood fish is just getting going. The Kuskokwim Art Guild is set to host their annual Steel Salmon Auction at the Cultural Center in Bethel. Reyne Athanas is a member of the guild and says proceeds will go to support education.

“Every year we have paid half the tuition of all students who attend the youth summer art camps that are here in Bethel. We also offer two per semester one thousand dollar scholarships to college freshmen who are interested in the arts,” says Athanas.


Steel salmon cutouts donated by Shorty’s Shop in Bethel. Photo courtesy of Kuskokwim Art Guild

This will be their twelfth annual steel salmon auction. Bidders can also expect salmon made of wood, in addition to salmon made of steel. The steel cutouts were donated by a local metal shop, and decorated by various artists around the region. There will also be silent auctions featuring similarly themed art pieces, among other events.

Athanas says those who attend and purchase dinner tickets in advance can expect a meal.

Painted cutout of a raven.

Painted cutout of a raven. Photo courtesy of Kuskokwim Art Guild

“About 5 years ago, we started including a dinner for those who wanted a dinner, and we usually have chef Tiffany Tony do that. This year we’re having a ginger lime chicken with noodles, we’re having a curry potato salad, we’re having a jasmine, coconut rice, tamarind short ribs, cheesecake. And I know I’m forgetting a couple of other things, but it’s a really large wonderful dinner, says Athanas.

The meal tickets are priced at fifty dollars for one person, and ninety-five dollars for a couple. They can be found at the gift shop at the Cultural Center in Bethel.

Doors will open at 5:45 on Saturday, September 27th. Those not attending the dinner can come in an hour later.

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