Fundraiser for Nunapitchuk Boy Raises Over $600 in One Day

by Lakeidra Chavis on September 10, 2015

Photo of Aiden Nicholai in the hospital on his GoFundMe page.

Photo of Aiden Nicholai in the hospital on his GoFundMe page.

In just one day, more than $600 has been raised for an injured 12-year-old Nunapitchuk boy. Aiden Nicholai lost two fingers after a gunshot wound in his left hand.

The boy’s mother, Theodora Nicholai, started the online fundraiser for her son’s emergency hospital visit. He had to be medevaced to Seattle after a boating accident. A locked shotgun was in the boat when Nicholai’s younger son picked it up.

“Somehow the younger son got ahold of it, unlocked it and fired it,” Nicholai said.

Aiden was sent to Seattle for treatment. Nicholai says the funds will assist with medical and other care costs. She says right now, it looks like the doctors can only save one finger.

“They’re just keeping an eye to see if that ring finger is reviving, because they had to put a pin in that finger,”Nicholai said.

The fundraiser is on GoFundMe, an online crowdfunding website where people can raise money for just about anything.

The original fundraising goal was $500 but it’s already passed. The highest donation, so far, was $205, which came from an anonymous donor. Nicholai’s son and husband are currently in Seattle. The doctors are still running tests and waiting to see what will happen next.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to clarify that only Nicholai’s husband and son are in Seattle.

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