City Council Candidate Sharon Sigmon Seeks to Move City in Positive Direction

by Ben Matheson on September 23, 2014

Sharon Sigmon. Photo by Dean Swope / KYUK.

Sharon Sigmon. Photo by Dean Swope / KYUK.

Seven Bethel citizens are running for three available city council seats in October’s municipal election. KYUK is profiling the candidates leading up to the vote. Our series continues with a report on Sharon Sigmon’s reelection bid for council.

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Sharon Simgon is the only incumbent running for council. She was elected in 2012.

“It’s been a really rewarding experience, it takes a lot of time, but I see a lot of good that the council does, they’ve worked really hard to do some good things for the city, know there are good people there trying to move in a positive direction, I really appreciate seeing that. It hasn’t always been that way, but the council now is really working hard to just do good, and I’m excited to be able to help out with that,” said Sigmon.

Sigmon has lived in Bethel for nine years. She originally came to be the Bethel City Attorney and was let go after three years. She’s worked as an Associate Attorney General for the state and now is legal counsel for the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation. Sigmon says it has been a tough year as the council has taken on an investigation into contracts and nepotism, among other issues. She says the city is much better off now.

“Things that my neighbors and my co-citizens would certainly not approve of. We did an investigation to make sure that we were not jumping to conclusions we gave everyone a fair shot. And we changed a lot of things that were happening in the city, a lot of things that were costing the city quite a bit of money and putting that tax dollars to much better use than what they had been before we were aware of the problem,” said Sigmon.

Sigmon say the city needs to manage its budget like a family would and make tough decisions on where to cut back and where to prioritize.

“I think the city has to work more efficiently, and work leaner, work stronger, and work smarter than how they maybe have in some areas, everyone in the city works hard, I think they cover a lot of bases,” said Sigmon.

Sigmon says her husband and children have worked for the city in the past. She says the council should have someone with experience serving on council.

“It’s not about personal issues, it’s about the good of the community, and yourself always gets put aside. What can you do that can help your community,” said Sigmon.

Bethel’s municipal election is October 7th. Stay tuned for more profiles of the seven candidates vying for three two-year terms.

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